Friday, October 23, 2009

there's been a long time still da las one 2

where were we?
i wan 2 tell bout csc present.
hmm.... nothing much.
en.asri, however, did impressed wit us.
obviusly ug kmi nih geng2 jrg msuk cluz.
so ble asp form 2 jd, msti die suspected r kt ktorg...
ha3...(hope so r)
anyway, in da cd tat we inserted wit da report, contain da jadi-punya-asp-form.
so, hope de xtra mark kt ctu...
nex story is bout me as an 12th man of da bel n etr group 4 my housemate.
lucky them 2 hav me as an living-non-electronic-dictionary.(haha, puji diri lak)
anyway lagi, i did sum help n da outcome seem 2 b +ve (yeah!)
so, 4 me, it's like contoh toladan 4 nex sem.
now i will know wat 2 do if entering da latter stge of da nex sem.
other thing is bout carry mark.
my math got 25/40
my qmt myb 35/50 sumthin
my modern also got 25/40
i thought myb electro will b da same.
n 4 csc. i'm not expecting anythin...
so, now, i'm supposed 2 b in final mode where my qmt will b on 28th oct.
wish us luck then(i'm really need those!)
as a conclusion, 4 tis sem, i really dont c although 1 sbjek 2 score.
really sort of afraid, but that da reality i had 2 face.
hope my GPA wont decrease 2 much(but it seem 2 b like tat)
n hope u all 2 can perform well on final.

there's been a long time still da las one

elo there...
actually, still now, i dun really know wat 2 wrote.
sbb 2 r da lme x brblogging...
4 those who misses me(i know there must be 1 person), tis my new "hand fruit" to all those...
as my unpresent here, there a lot of thing happen in my life tat i dun really know how 2 share wit u guys...
1stly, my csc webpage present. actually, i dun really involve in tat project.
it was a.j and along who be our playmaker in tis.
me n napi jus doing a report bout that project. hmm...
n da present going well 2...
we manage 2 perform da task n then hav 2 made a correction.
smpai cni dlu
sy nk ke gelanggang futsal meta...