Friday, August 28, 2009


emm... tis morning, I went 2 CiMB ATM 2 check whether my loan had enter da acc. but I'd given sad news. Loan jz not in yet. So, my plan 2 buy bryani gums' rice, roll chicken, murtabak, corn water, yam water, soy milk water, n las but not least, oil lamp flour, has all destroyed by da news. 2 make it worse, my fren tat use bsn acc, hav receive their loan money. so, I bcome more angry n hungry. he3... Yet, I decided 2 borrow some sum wit my fren tat hav their loan. so, we will c whether I can buy much thing tis raining eve. bee tee double you, wan 2 wish u all bloggers, epi mrdeka day n epi mrdeka oliday... hope u njoy yr oliday(like it will happen. -sigh-) c u afta oliday. uncle's out!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sonnet 18

William Shakespeare:

Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?

Thou art more lovely and more temperate:

Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,

And summer's lease hath all too short a date:

Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines,

And often is his gold complexion dimm'd;

And every fair from fair sometime declines,

By chance or nature's changing course untrimm'd;

But thy eternal summer shall not fade

Nor lose possession of that fair thou owest;

Nor shall Death brag thou wander'st in his shade,

When in eternal lines to time thou growest:

So long as men can breathe or eyes can see,

So long lives this and this gives life to thee.

yr poem stil b played...

Monday, August 24, 2009

10 Times

tis aftanoon, i enter en.asri cluz. from da mrning i feel very sleepy n not in da mood. ending da day wit his cluz, is surely not a gud idea. but, "want doing how"... huhu... anyway, en.asri told me that me has 10 times not come 2 his cluz. zz n i was challanging each other 4 da top spot of who skip his cluz more. He told me that he will produce out a warning letter. like I care. go on en.asri. I'm sick n tired 2 b hippo n yr cluz. go on wit yr letter. I will tear n burn it 4 u when I got it... i will... bee tee double you, da cluz is so damn bored. I feel very dizzy n sleepy I could not feel like tis b4. that en.asri's aura if u dun know. my watch now show 6p.m. I jz mange 2 woke up afta gud slep earlier. Want 2 go 2 bazar afta tis. c u all 2morow. uncle's out!

Friday, August 21, 2009


Sometimes, when da going gets tough, u will do anything 2 achieve wat u wan. u will press harder n push deeper on thing tat u work 4. Although there will b obstacle while u doing, u will go 4 it as that precious thing so important 2 u that u r not bear 2 lose it. since that, many of people or other thing around u will said anything, support or not, u will ignore them as they r not in yr pole. while u doin that, u r, indirectly hurting others that around u. making them go far as they can from u. they will not talking 2 u. futhermore, they will think da way 2 tackle u down. (press A if u play PES09). bee tee double you, u still on da running 2 finish yr work. u still ignoring people n obstacle. u know da rule n jz break it wit no hesitation. u n yr world, i jz can take it people, fasting is thing that we must do. otherwise, is jz 4 a month in a year. so, dun bring me 2 buy yr chicken rice @ 1-3p.m tomorow. i won't follow u anymore. I want full fasting tis month. "bertaubatlah rakan2ku, sesungguhnye pintu rahmat dan taubat itu sentiase terbuke terutama d bulan pose nih". uncle's out!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

End Of Me

after me get off from DK8 @ 11a.m tadi, that mean the end of 1 week full of torture 4 all sem5 stdent(phy only). it started wit quizzes, tests, re-quizzes, re-tests, html assgnment, n lasly csc tes that we took tis morn. wat i can conclude is that, uitm syllabus for dip sains hav 2 "rombak" (changed), bcoz as we know, the 4 sem b4, we dun hav tis much work like tis sem do. so, my suggest is tat dip sains hav 2 give their student a-carry-mark-worth-work evry sem since sem 1. it hav 2 so tat da stdent will not b surprised like we did when we in sem 5. they will know tat evry sem hav a lot of work 2 b done n finished. FYI, da phy stdent especially, they will hav a lot of work nex sem. wit project, etr n bel present of cos. so, 4 b fair, like wat i said b4, hopefully it will b improvement nex sem or the other nex sem. as 4 us who hav 2 face it tis sem, gud luck on evrything tat u work on. n not forgetting, epi fasting month n hopefully we will fast 4 full month. uncle's out!

Monday, August 17, 2009

PHY 340-Electronics

when I in da cluz of bro ad tis morning, bout 11 am, we learn bout code tat produce num on electro calculator. on da note tat been provide, there r 1 istilah call "L.E.D". myb many of us know wat tat thing is. but do u know da full name of tat? bro ad ask da answer 2 da cluz n none of us did not know of it. suddenly i got 1 vision of it. Light Emitted Diod. I told bro bout my vision n he said, "betul. beri tepukan pd uncle." huhu. i feel on top of da world 4 a while. n then he said more, "bole masuk dlm blog pasnie..." what? he know bout my blog? i jz tersipu2 malu jp. he3... there sumbody else who read my blog other than my followers... so than tis blog being produce. jz wan 2 tell u all tat i been gived a clap in cluz. n 4 bro, thanx 4 teaching.

akhir kate, "jangan douh"....

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Money Money Money. Money...!

4 those who know me, they will know 1 thing bout me. that is my wallet that always empty. i dun know but evry tme i had a money, n wit juz 1 sec, da money will b end. me always left without money. n it make me feel very sad evry tme. sumtime i can't focus jz bcoz i kept thinkin bout money. i wonder of i can get each money in da world. i will b da happiest person on da planet. huhu. but i never cum true... i jz hope tat after tis i can mange my money well. but i know it will b hard 2 b done. money, u make myself miserable. uncle's out!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

oh! here it comes again

FYI, me, again, be da person who got da lowest mark on da quiz. it's da algebra-matrices quiz.
guess wat? me jz manage 2 got 10%... da lowest, again on da pn.khaty class. las sem, on da 1st quiz of statistic-must-get-A, me got da lowest in da class too. then me got improve on test 1. hope it will going 2 b working again tis sem coz da 1st tes will b on tis thursday. so, go 4 it uncle! but me wondering, y should me got da lowest, on da 1st quiz, of da subject da she teach? am i tat "dol"(like nana)? me dun thing so... so, i will give my bes shot 2 make myself worthy again on da ices of tat mdam. bee tee double you, where all of u been? it jz so hard 2 c u in college now. r u all tat busy? las year stdent like aeren, nizam n usop r not @ all like you all... they r being much relaxed n then got tat job done. although they less quantity than u. so, hope u all hv much time 2 relaxed n chill... uncle's out!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Misery Business

as tis week goes past, i think evrybody around me is look miserable... i dun know but i said based on wat i saw... myb is juz tat they all had jz came back from "emergency" holiday, but i think almost evrybody look like they had "bomb" in their head... i try 2 solve a little of tat but i think i'm da only 1 who hv not affected but misery. but then, when i'm in da middle of miserable, i also think am i tat miserable too...? i guess not n not hoping so. so, i hope all of my fren will bounce back nex week wit a new look n a new spirit... Banzai! uncle's out...

congrats 2 amat(asyix harrone) 4 his promotion. hope he will doing well

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

miserably nana

when i'm writin tis, i am sitting besides her. she look miserable. she said she is fasting today. so, i said ok. but, i try 2 ajak her go 2 makan. breaking her fast... huhu... n when da clock is ticking, i knew she is in misery. so, go help her! i'm tryin da bes 2 heal da situation but nothing happen...
so, it again in your responsible 2 care... uncle's out!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Uncle Jaguh Futsal

walaupun sume org da tau, tp ak stil nk gtau, bhwe team yg ak manage(x wat pe2 pon, amek name je) huhu... da mnang futsal intercourse kptm kb 2009. team yg dbri nme "paradork anthem" ole ee, brjye mngalahkn team yg da 3x g fnal tp stil x jd juara. wpon team kmi agk
goyah pd mulenye gn hnye mnctat 2 kputusan seri, kmi bgkit dlm 2 match strusnye utk lyak ke sku akhir slaku naib juara dlm group. kmi brtmu team staff yg ade en.zaid n en.alias antranye n kmi mng gn 3-1. kmi ke semi fnal n jmpe team pe tah ak x igat n prlwann brlnjutan ke penentuan sepakan penalti, dimana paan gond jd hero stlah mnyelmatkn 2 penalti team lwan. (thanx gond!). bile smpai ke fnal kmi jmpe team yg pnah team ee nih klahkn sthun lpas. n team trsbut mmbuat penampilan ke3 mreka dlm fnal. diatas kertas nmpk mreka akn mng beso. n kmi smpn key player iaitu nizam n sepet utk 1st half. surprisingly, mreke hnye mmpu skor 1 gol. so msuk 2nd half gn kuakn meme n usop, sepet n nzam bg hrpan smule utk kmi mnyamakn kedudukan. dan trnyata skli ag nzam jd pnyelamat gn mnjringkn gol penyama di saat2 akhir prmainan. dan kmi ke penentuan penalti ag. sepakan prtma yg d ambil pet ggal mghsilkn gol bgtu juga sepakan ke2 phak lwan. mmbwa kpd kedudukan 4-4 ktika sume player dlm court da amik sepakan. dan pngadil mmnte player smpnan utk mngmbil 2 ag sepakan, iaitu meme n usop. mreke skor bgitu juge phak lwan. dan diakhirnye, penetuan duit syiling ntah brpe sen dgunekan. n luckily, kmi dpat plih utk sepak brbndg mreka yg kne save. pet dbri tugas utk mnebus kehampaan awal n die x mngecewakn. kmi mng penalti 7-6. ak mmg x prcye. rse epi sgt dpt mrase jd juara, tmbh2 manager pon dpt medal(thanx prop alep) ag ak suke. huhu. pepe pon, thanx wt sume ahli psukan yg bkrje kras trutama pet n gond yg jd key plyer kmi kli ni. hopefully korg trus brjye dlm bdg ftsal nih. n dicni ak nk kongsikn bbrpe gmbr kmi ktike dftsal ari tu. njoy!